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Washington Cigar Smokers Push For Space Of Their Own

Bryan Buckalew


OLYMPIA, Wash – Cigar aficionados could light up at their favorite bar under a bill up for a vote in the Washington Senate this week. The measure would allow cigar lounges in some bars and tobacco stores. But opponents of the change say it would overturn the will of Washington voters.


In 2005, Washington overwhelming approved a ballot initiative banning all types of smoking in public spaces. The exception being considered in the state Senate would allow bars and tobacco stores to have separate ventilated cigar rooms.

Opponents worry about the secondhand smoke the lounge employees would breathe in. That doesn't concern Tom Dooley with the Cigar Association of Washington.

Tom Dooley: "Frankly, we're astonished the other side would say that people who are applying for a job at a cigar store, which is clearly identified as a cigar lounge or a tobacco store are doing so under so under some kind of duress."

Erin Dziedzic: "Right, but I don't believe in this economy, someone's turning down that job."

That's Erin Dziedzic with the American Cancer Society. If the bill passes, cigar lounge employees would have to sign a waiver saying they are aware of the dangers of secondhand smoke.

One activity the bill would not allow in cigar lounges: cigarette smoking.

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