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Inslee Won't Rule Out Tax Increases

Austin Jenkins


OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington's newly announced Democratic candidate for governor does not support the current two-thirds requirement for lawmakers to raise taxes. And if elected, Jay Inslee says he won't rule out higher taxes to pay for education or other priorities.

Last year, Washington voters overwhelmingly rejected a tax on higher income earners. Inslee, a Democratic Congressman, says he doesn't support an income tax in Washington. But he wouldn't close the door to some other kind of tax increase if elected governor in 2012.

"I can imagine scenarios where I could go to reduce revenues and I can imagine scenarios where I would go where I would ask voters to increase revenues," Inslee said. "It would depend on the circumstances involved. I've been willing to do that."

Closing tax exemptions is something else Inslee mentioned. He questioned a tax break banks get for the interest they make on first mortgages. Inslee says it primarily benefits out of state banks. That was a rallying cry of the left this past legislative session.

Inslee made his comments on TVW's "Inside Olympia" program.

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