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Oregon Gets Another Chance To Win Major HUD Contract

Chris Lehman


SALEM, Ore. - Oregon will get another chance at winning a multi-million dollar HUD contract it recently lost to a Seattle suburb. Oregon and other states that lost contracts filed a formal complaint about the federal agency so it's re-opening the bid process this fall.

The contracts were for the right to oversee Section 8 apartment complexes. Oregon's Department of Housing and Community Services had long held the contract, but lost it last month to the housing authority in Bremerton, Washington.

Officials at the Oregon agency called the bid process "fundamentally flawed" and filed a protest. So did dozens of other housing agencies that lost contracts across the country.

HUD now says it will re-open the bid process in Oregon and 41 other states including Washington.

Lisa Joyce is a spokeswoman for Oregon Housing and Community Services. She says it's likely Oregon will bid lower in the new round of bidding.

"We're going to take a look after every factor of the proposal and look for those opportunities to reduce the cost of administering the contract so that we can be effective," Joyce says. "It's very important to us that we keep this contract."

In a statement, HUD said it's re-opening the bid process because it can't move forward with the contracts until the large number of protests are resolved. That would have left Section 8 residents in limbo for months.

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