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Not All Black Friday Shoppers Stay Up All Night

Chris Lehman


SALEM, Ore. – The holiday shopping season in the Northwest is well under way. It started Thanksgiving evening for many bargain-hunters. But most Black Friday shoppers didn’t head out in the wee hours. Some customers at Salem Center Mall Friday morning decided to wait until daylight to do their shopping.

Patricia Anner from West Salem was one of them.

"I had no problem getting here," she says. "I found a good parking place, walked in, got my items that I needed in about 15 minutes, and here I am out."

Oscar Comparon tried to get some shopping down last night...

"We were going to go to Toys R Us last night, but it was too many people. We were out there around 11 and just way too many people to actually be standing out there. Too cold."

Lynn Hawk from Salem took a more traditional Black Friday approach. "Well, I don't come at midnight. I wait until normal hours of the morning, and then it's fine. I got a parking place right out in front and the lines aren't bad in here at all."

Meanwhile, planned protests of retail giant Wal-Mart were minimal in the Northwest. One demonstrator was arrested Thursday night outside a Wal-Mart in Portland. Protests are also planned at three Seattle-area stores. The company says only a handful of Wal-Mart employees nationwide participated in the protests.