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Assessment Team Inspects Grounded Drilling Rig In Alaska

Jay Barrett


Crews in the Gulf of Alaska are continuing the inspect an oil drilling rig that’s run aground near Kodiak Island. A Coast Guard helicopter was able to lower an assessment team aboard the platform Wednesday afternoon. The vessel, known as the Kulluk, is owned by Shell Oil.

Steve Russell of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation said the team saw no spilled fuel and only a few birds.

“We did not observe on our flight anyway, any wildlife in that area at all. And then approximately one mile, one and a half miles north of the platform, we did see the lifeboats there.”

Russell said those lifeboats from the Kulluk gave the crew a good sense of the currents in the area, and where any potential pollution might travel.

The Coast Guard says it’s still too early to speculate on a time frame for getting the Kulluk off the beach or even how that might be accomplished.