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Which is Better: Baseball or Futbol?

John Moe

The World Cup is under way (don't look now, America has already lost once) and the eyes of the entire world along with maybe 6% of America are upon Germany, where the games are taking place. Soccer, or futbol as its known in many parts of the world, has always been a bit like killer bees in America: we keep hearing that it's going to take the country by storm but it never seems to arrive. Meanwhile, back in the states, America's own creation, baseball, remains very popular and seems to be catching on in the rest of the world. Futbol has shinier uniforms, busier players (many with only one name), lots more running, and more excitable announcers. Baseball has bats, the use of hands by more than just one player, the bizarre intrigue of the infield fly rule, and steroids. Join KUOW's John Moe tonight as we put the two sports head to head and decide once and for all which is better: baseball or futbol? We'll figure it out. At least that's our goal. Or our goooooooooooal!