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Megan Sukys/Dave Beck

Heat is the chronicle of Bill Buford's time spent as Mario Batali's kitchen "slave" and of his far-flung apprenticeships with culinary masters in Italy. He speaks with Megan Sukys. Also, kora poems with Kurtis Lamkin and music reviews with Gavin Borchert.

Today's Featured Music Selection: Geoff Muldaur
Bluesman and 60s folk survivor, Geoff Muldaur, performs tonight at the Triple Door. We listen to some of his most recent music today.

Selected Tracks on The Beat:
1. Got to Find Blind Lemon, Part One
2. Kitchen Door Blues
3. Someday Baby
4. Got to Find Blind Lemon, Part 2

Related Event:
Geoff Maldaur, Tuesday, June 13th, 2006, 7:30 p.m., The Triple Door, 216 Union St., Seattle, WA, 98101

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  • At 2:05pm: 'Heat'
    Bill Buford ó author of the highly acclaimed best-selling Among the Thugs ó had long thought of himself as a reasonably comfortable cook when in 2002 he finally decided to answer a question that had nagged him every time he prepared a meal: What kind of cook could he be if he worked in a professional kitchen? When the opportunity arose to train in the kitchen of Mario Bataliís three-star New York restaurant, Babbo, Buford grabbed it. Heat is the chronicle of his time spent as Bataliís "slave" and of his far-flung apprenticeships with culinary masters in Italy. Bill Buford speaks today with Megan Sukys.

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  • At 2:33pm: More Kora Poems and Conversation from Kurtis Lamkin
    Kurtis Lamkin is a poet from Philadelphia who plays the kora, a twenty-one string West African harp/lute. His introduction to the kora and the tradition of the African troubador came when he travelled to the Gambia. The experience there led Kurtis to build his own Kora and create poems accompanied by the centuries old instrument. Kurtis talks about growing up in inner city Philadelphia and his transformative experiences hearing poet musicians like Gil Scott Heron and Seku Sundiata. We'll hear more of the Kora poems and conversation that he left us after a recent performance studio visit

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  • At 2:50pm: Music Reviews with Gavin Borchert
    Composer and Seattle Weekly Music Critic Gavin Borchert reviews new classical music recordings regularly on The Beat. He joins us today with his latest listening adventure.