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Sexual Harassment in the Military

Guy Nelson
06/21/2006 at 1:00 p.m.

Army Specialist Suzanne Swift says she went AWOL to avoid continual sexual harassment from a superior. Her story is once again sparking questions of sexual harassment in the military. Critics allege that the chain of command doesn't protect people who are harassed or assaulted. Studies have found that many victims won't report harassment or assault for fear of retribution -- from both peers and superiors. How widespread is the problem of sexual harassment in the military? Where can soldiers who are victims turn for help? Is there enough help available?

Also today, a study on the structural soundness of the 520 Bridge has been released. We'll see how those findings affect plans to expand the bridge.

Guy Nelson in for Ross Reynolds

Specialist Suzanne Swift is currently AWOL from the Army.
Joe Piek is a spokesperson for Fort Lewis.
Harvey Coffman is the bridge-preservation engineer for the state Department of Transportation (DOT). He was involved in studying the SR 520 bridge this weekend to determine how structurally sound it is.

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