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High School Reunions - Attend or Avoid?

John Moe

Graduation is a one-time thing but class reunions are a blessing, or a curse, that will last the rest of your life. So do you attend or avoid? Each reunion offers something of a mixed bag: you get to see how heavy and bald people have become but you also have to put up with people noticing the same thing about you. You can boast about career success, spouse, kids, and the like, but also must put up with other people making similar, and sometimes more impressive boasts. You see old classmates but if you had really wanted to see them in the last ten years, wouldn't you have done so? And doesn't Google already allow you a sort of instant clandestine class reunion any time you want it? Join KUOW's John Moe and call us, even if we haven't heard from you in 20 years, and share your thoughts. And you look great. You really do. You haven't aged at all. Honest.