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The Conversation

Student Loans and Debt

Guy Nelson
06/29/2006 at 1:00 p.m.

On Saturday, interest rates for federal student loans climb almost two percentage points. According to financial aid experts, this is in response to interest rates on loans across the board climbing up. Department of Education numbers show that student debt is also climbing up. Today, The Conversation is student loans and debt.

Loan organizations, universities, and even the federal government are all pushing to make sure students and parents do what they need to do to avoid higher interest rates on student loans they already have. But what about students about to start college? They'll be facing higher debt and interest rates. Are you or your child about to start college? Have you just graduated? Are you well out of college and still paying off student loans? How expensive has your college education been? We want to hear your thoughts and experiences with student loan debt.
Also today, ever wondered which grocery stores in the area have the lowest prices? We have too. We'll talk with someone who spent the last month comparing grocery stores in the area.
Guy Nelson in for Ross Reynolds.

Patricia Scherschel is the Vice President of Loan Consolidation at Sallie Mae, a provider of student loans.
Kay Lewis is Director of Financial Aid for the University of Washington
Robert Krughoff is the president of Puget Sound Consumerís Checkbook Magazine. Their new issue looks at grocery stores in the Seattle area.

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