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Google News Archive / Venture Capital Update / Olsen's Scandinavian Foods

John Moe

Search giant Google has added a new feature to its news section: an exhaustive archive dating back over 200 years. Want to search on news articles about Thomas Jefferson from the 1780's? Now you can, as long as you don't mind putting up with some extra fees and imperfect scans of ancient newspapers. We take a look at what the new feature means for the future of research. Plus, you can get a pretty good feeling for where business in the Northwest is going by following the venture capital money. We check in again with the Post-Intelligencer's John Cook to see the future. And, Seattle's Ballard neighborhood seems to be getting younger with more cute boutiques, more nightclubs, and more hip young people replacing the old Norwegian fishermen. We visit a Scandinavian delicatessen to see how they're adapting and thriving in a changing world.

Danny Sullivan Editor, Search Engine Watch
John Cook Reporter, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Anita Endresen Owner, Olsen's Scandinavian Foods
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