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Wii / Steve Wozniak / Future of Podcasting

John Moe

Nintendo has often been in third place when it comes to video game consoles, trailing both Sony and its Redmond neighbor Microsoft. With their new console system, called Wii (wee), the company is trying something new: a simpler system designed for more active play to appeal to more casual video game players. We get a review of the system and find out whether Wii makes you say whee. Plus, Steve Wozniak helped start Apple Computers. We find out what that was like and what he's up to today as he comes by for an interview. And, podcasting is fun but does it have practical applications for business? We get a look at the practicality of podcasting in a commercial environment.

Brier Dudley Reporter/Columnist, Seattle Times
Steve Wozniak Author, iWoz
Rob Greenlee
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