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Second Life / GPS Technology / WonderChess

John Moe

There are lots of virtual reality websites on the internet these days. But one, called Second Life, has gained a lot of traction. Users start businesses, provide their own entertainment, even invest in real estate. We speak with Michael Buckbee, an inhabitant of Second Life, who started a company that makes miniature 3-D versions of people’s avatars. Also, we talk with Seattle Times columnist Glenn Fleishman about how GPS and other locating technologies are making their way more and more into handheld personal devices. And we visit Michel Alvarez, the founder of WonderChess. The Seattle-based company is trying to make chess more accessible to young children, by incorporating treats and other rewards into the game.

Michael Buckbee, Fabjectory
Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times Columnist
Michel Alvarez, WonderChess

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