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T-Mobile Wi-Fi Phone Service / Coco La Ti Da / Glassybaby

John Moe

Could the traditional land line phone be going the way of the Betamax? A new service just launched in Seattle allows you to use wi-fi service to make free voice or data calls on your cell phone. If you already have wi-fi at home and can get it all over town will that be enough to compensate for anywhere you can't get cell coverage? And if so, why do you still need that phone with a wire coming out of the wall? For that matter, can we get rid of all those telephone poles? Also this week, popular Seattle pastry chef Sue McCown is opening a brand new restaurant, Coco La Ti Da, that argues not only to eat dessert first but to eat dessert exclusively. We talk to Sue about how she put together a dessert only diner. And, sometimes people seek out a career and sometimes a career is thrust upon them. We go to Glassybaby and talk to owner Lee Rhodes, a three-time cancer survivor whose candle holders double as goblets or paperweights or simply art. Originally intended as a hobby, making glass items that symbolize hope and healing, Rhodes quickly found herself in the position of successful entrepeneur. She shares her story and shows us how a glassybaby is made.

Glenn Fleishmann Technology Journalist
Sue McCown Owner, Coco La Ti Da
Lee Rhodes Owner, Glassybaby
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