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Quid Nunc / Mead Making / Shave and a Haircut

John Moe

Technology changes so fast that many people are as likely to replace a computer as repair it. And when they do upgrade, it's often at big electronics stores or with equipment they buy online. But one West Seattle computer shop is thriving thanks to community connections and personal service. Also, the Northwest has long been known as a haven for crafters of beer and makers of wine, now one Sultan company is trying to make its mark with mead. Find out how honeyed wine is trying to compete. And, it used to be that getting a shave from your local barber was as common as getting a haircut. We meet a Queen Anne barber who's trying to bring that tradition back. KUOW's John Moe has never before conducted an interview while tilted back in a barber chair with a face covered in thick shaving cream. This week he does.

Bill Hibler Owner, Quid Nunc
Chad Oranger Barber, Oslo's: A Men's Store
Deniece Ingalls President, Sky River Meadery
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