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John Moe

You have a ton of music on your computer or your iPod. That's fine if you want to listen on headphones or tiny computer speakers, but what if you want to listen in your living room on a decent sound system? Next time on The Works, we give you some options ranging from high end components to a little doohickey you can get at Radio Shack for about three bucks. Plus, everyone thinks they have the ability to put out a children's book. But what does it actually take to make that dream a reality? We get a peek inside the industry with the husband-wife team behind the enchanting Ella series. And, with gas now solidly priced at well over three dollars a gallon, some in the Puget Sound area are looking at other transportation options. We check out a scooter shop, home of vehicles that get 80 miles per gallon and have been selling quite well lately.

John Falcone is the senior editor at
Carmela and Steve D'Amico are the author and illustrator of Ella.
Victor Voris is the owner of Vespa Seattle.
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