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Report from MacWorld / Bagels / Matt Smith

John Moe

Each year, the MacWorld expo features a few surprises that are much talked about among Apple enthusiasts and the technology world in general.

Technology reporter Glenn Fleishman is at MacWorld and joins us by phone to fill us in on the latest breaking news.
Also, the mid to late 90's was a time of bagels in the Seattle area. Lots of bagels. Bagel shops as far as the eye could see. Most of them are gone now but we visit with a shop that's doing just fine and we learn how a bagel is made. Plus, local actor/corporate trainer/auctioneer Matt Smith is a man of many careers (as is evidenced by all those slashes) but we learn how long ago training in improvisational performance has guided his profession.

Glenn Fleishman technology reporter
Don Nolan owner, Zatz A Better Bagel
Matt Smith renaissance man

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