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Courage at a Rwandan Hotel

Steve Scher
03/21/2007 at 9:00 a.m.

Few hotel managers rise to fame, but you've likely heard of Paul Rusesabagina. You know his story, if not his name. In April 1994, the country of Rwanda broke into chaos. Long standing racial divisions, and the resulting hatred that built between Tutsi and Hutus, resulted in the mass killing of large sections of the population. Rusesabagina saved 1,268 people; hiding them in his hotel. The 2005 Oscar nominee Hotel Rwanda brought his story into our homes. He joins us today to tell the story through his eyes and his experience — and to help us understand the climate in Rwanda then and now.

Paul Rusesabagina is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the National Civil Rights Museum's 2005 Freedom Award, among others. His life story inspired the movie Hotel Rwanda. He recently wrote his autobiography, along with Tom Zoellner; a book titled An Ordinary Man.

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