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Is There A Right Way To Train Your Pet?

Steve Scher
04/06/2007 at 9:00 a.m.

Your pet doesn't come with a manual — it should perhaps; but it doesn't. Is there a right way to train your pet? Animal trainers and behaviorists often disagree on the perfect training method. So, how should you stop your kitty from meowing all night? Or prevent your dog from chewing the blinds when you're at work? Is one training method better than another? Once again — our pet help desk is open. Two experts, with very different opinions, are on hand to answer your questions. Call (206) 543–KUOW or email with your questions.

Kathy Sdao is a certified applied animal behaviorist and the owner of Bright Spot Dog Training. She has worked as a full–time animal trainer for 21 years working largely with marine mammals before focusing on dogs.
Steve Duno studies animals. His books on pets include Every Dog's Survival Guide to Living with a Neurotic Owner, Plump Pups and Fat Cats, Bad Dog! and No Kitty! He also writes for and has authored a series of articles on cats vs. dogs for Slate magazine.

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