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Poet Heather McHugh and Author Debra Jarvis

Dave Beck

Life is strange, and that's what makes it worth living. Today, we sneer at the sensible with poet Heather McHugh. Later, author Debra Jarvis explains how a recent bout with cancer changed her perspective as a counselor and caregiver. Plus, book reviews from Nancy Pearl.

At 2:07 p.m. - Heather McHugh
Heather McHugh, reading at the 2004 Skagit River Poetry Festival

"A poem contains meaning only the way a body contains life: moving, it IS it," writes Heather McHugh (Hinge & Sign). The poet and translator matches a ferociously playful wit with a staggering command of language to create poems that crack the veneer of our assumptions. Today, we reprise Heather McHugh's reading at the 2004 Skagit River Poetry Festival, and learn a thing or two about bees and electrons.

McHugh is the Milliman Distinguished Writer–in–Residence at the University of Washington, and a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Her recent collections include Hinge & Sign and Eyeshot.

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McHugh is one of the headliners to be featured at this weekend's Seattle Poetry Festival, April 20th through 22nd at Richard Hugo House.

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  • At 2:20 p.m. - Debra Jarvis
    Debra Jarvis is an ordained minister, chaplain at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and a writer and commentator heard on National Public Radio. After a recent bout with cancer herself, she's been writing a book about how the illness changed her perspective as a counselor and caregiver. Debra's career in the creative and healing arts has included time training volunteers for care teams for persons with AIDS and MS. She will emcee this year's Many Voices, One Song concert, "a musical celebration of diversity" presented by Multifaith Works of Seattle. Debra Jarvis speaks with Dave Beck.

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    Many Voices, One Song Concert, Thursday, April 19th, 2007 7:00 p.m. Seattle First Baptist Church — 1111 Harvard Avenue, Harvard & Seneca, First Hill.

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  • At 2:45 p.m. - Nancy Pearl Book Reviews
    Our weekly visit with Public Radio librarian and author of More Book Lust, Nancy Pearl.

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  • At 2:50 p.m. - Lura
    Lura is a young singer from Cape Verde, a group of Islands 300 miles west of Dakar, Senegal. The 10 Islands that make up Cape Verde each have a distinctive musical culture that is a blend of Portuguese and African influences. Lura is from the Island of Santiago where the African roots of Cape Verdean music are most strongly preserved. We'll sample highlights from her live performance on the Beat in January of 2006.

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    Lura performs Tuesday, April 17th and Wednesday, April 18th, 2007, at Jazz Alley, 2033 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98121.

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