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Should the Federal Government Regulate TV Violence?

Ross Reynolds
04/24/2007 at 1:00 p.m.

The Washington Post reports today that the Federal Communications Commission wants more powers to decrease violence on TV. There's long been concern over children's exposure to TV violence. That's been heightened this week with the extensive news coverage of the mass shooting at Virginia Tech. Would you welcome federal regulation of violence on TV? Or does it concern you? Until now the Federal Communications Commission has regulated indecency on TV and radio. Have they done a good of job of that? Does that reassure they could do a good job of regulating violent content?

Also today, a recent book and a new documentary, both by avowed leftists, attack the credibility of documentary film maker Michael Moore. We'll learn why.

Tim Winter is the President of the Parents' Television Council, an advocacy organization that works to enforce current broadcast standards and to limit childrens' exposure to violent and sexual content on television. Before his time with the Parents' Television Council, he worked at MGM and NBC.
Adam Thierer is a Senior Fellow at the Progress and Freedom Foundation, a pro-market think tank in the other Washington that studies media and public policy. He directs their Center for Digital Media Freedom.
Jesse Larner is a freelance writer in New York and has recently written Forgive Us Our Spins: Michael Moore and the Future of the Left.

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