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The Beat

Poems about Mothers and Opera Supertitles

Dave Beck

The music of La Bohème is famous… the words, not so much. Today on the Beat, Jonathan Dean of Seattle Opera explains how the controversial use of supertitles in opera is an art of insight and invisibility. Then, Seattle poets contemplate the mother/child relationship.

At 2:07 p.m. - Poems about Mothers from Local Poets
Next Sunday, mothers all over the country will be celebrated with gifts, flowers and meals out. Many of the Mother's Day greeting cards they receive will present simple, perhaps sentimental views of an idealized mother–child relationship. Today, three local poets bring us more complex takes on one of the most crucial, and complicated, human relationships.

Marjorie Manwaring (Kitchen is an associate editor of DMQ Review. John W. Marshall (The Compact) is co–owner of Open Books: A Poem Emporium. Kathleen Flenniken (My Mother's Biographies) is the author of a collection of poems, Famous, and is a co–editor and president of Floating Bridge Press.

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  • Supertitles
    Jonathan Dean is Seattle Opera's man in charge of the supertitles projected above the stage in McCaw Hall. He joins us with musical examples that illuminate the art of translating opera text into English titles. Jonathan Dean speaks with Dave Beck.

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    Seattle Opera's production of La Bohème is on stage this month at McCaw Hall.

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  • At 2:45 p.m. - Nancy Pearl Book Reviews
    Our weekly visit with Public Radio librarian and author of More Book Lust, Nancy Pearl.

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  • 11.14.18