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UPS' Surprising Seattle Roots, an Atheist's Conversion, and Songs About Power

Megan Sukys/Dave Beck

Before UPS asked "What can Brown do for You?", they did almost anything, from babysitting to delivering opium. Today, the Seattle roots of the shipping giant. Plus, one atheist's tale of her radical and inconvenient conversion and three songs on the meaning of power.

At 2:05 p.m. - 'Take This Bread' (archive from 3/19/07)
Ancient rituals survive for a reason. Christian Communion was a foreign concept to 46 year old atheist, lesbian and liberal activist Sara Miles. But a taste of bread and sip of wine at a neighborhood church inspired Sara to begin a feeding program that now serves thousands. In an archive conversation from March 19th, 2007, Sara Miles joins us with the story of her radical and inconvenient conversion as told in her new memoir Take This Bread.

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  • At 2:25 p.m. - UPS' Seattle Roots
    A saloon basement in Seattle is where UPS was founded one hundred years ago today. Before the company asked, "What can Brown do for you?", they did almost anything. Greg Niemann is a former UPS employee who shares the untold story of the company in the book, Big Brown. Today, he tells us how spying on spouses, babysitting and delivering opium launched an international shipping giant.

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  • At 2:50 p.m. - Ryan Trager on Songs of Power
    Power may not always be intoxicating. That's especially true if we're examining power as a subject in a song. Ryan Trager is an associate editor for Rivet magazine. Their latest issue looks at power from all sorts of angles, including the musical angle. Ryan's going to tell us about three rock songs that investigate three different kinds of power.

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