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Rent-a-Ruminant and Speaking About Religious Differences

Megan Sukys/Dave Beck

Everyone needs a fulfilling job, even goats. Next time on the Beat, find out how one woman went from medical trauma to livestock landscaping. We also find out how to talk across religious boundaries, take a car-free holiday and preview the best and worst of the Fall TV season.

At 2:05 p.m. - Rent-A-Ruminant
We all need work we love, whether we have two legs or four legs. Tammy Dunakin was in a job that was too stressful. And she saw her pet goats weren't fulfilled either. Together, they started Rent-A-Ruminant. Today, Tammy explains how she and her goats became professional landscapers.

Rent–A–Ruminant can be contacted at

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