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KUOW Presents

Portraits of Africa


Lisa Mullins hosts a special one-hour program that paints a complex picture of contemporary life in Africa.

Commercial news coverage of Africa frequently focuses on the negative: civil strife, poverty, and disease. But Africa's story is more than a series of crises. In this one-hour special, host Lisa Mullins presents reports and interviews that paint a broader picture of contemporary Africa. Program highlights include:
  • A conversation with field correspondent Jennifer Glasse on the stories she has covered on assignments throughout Africa.
  • A political profile of Somalia, which, following 10 years of anarchy, has created a parliament and elected a president.
  • A science feature from Kenya that explores how, as its hydropower capacity evaporates in a lingering drought, the nation responds by using solar power.
  • A look at one of the consequences of Zimbabwe's land occupation struggles the threat to the nations wildlife.
  • Cultural reports from Mali, one of the poorest nations in the world in economic terms, but one of the richest musically.
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