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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Dominic Black

1. Aging Gracefully
Aging is like having a baby – you can't know how your life will change until it happens. But the difference between having a baby and aging is that nobody wants to talk about aging. Liz Taylor, who's been working on aging issues here in the Pacific Northwest for more than 30 years, reveals to Jeannie Yandel why deliberate aging remains a constant challenge, even when it comes to taking her own advice.

2. South Asia in the North West
A new oral history project at the University of Washington is gathering the stories of Asian immigrants who arrived to the Pacific North West in the 20th century. Librarian Deepa Banerjee shares with Megan Sukys the experiences that brought South Asians to Seattle and kept them here.

3. Beautiful Intermissions
At the symphony, most audience members shuffle into the lobby during the intermission. But for local composer Chris DeLaurenti, the intermission is when his ears really perk up. Instead of chaos, Chris hears a cellist practicing a difficult movement in an endless loop or a flute choir fluttering to life like a cluster of rare birds. Chris describes to Dave Beck how he collected moments like these into a CD called "Favorite Intermissions."

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