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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Dominic Black

1. The Cosmic Noodle
Marcie Sillman explores the significance of the noodle in Japanese cuisine, in the company of food maven Hsiao–Ching Chou.

2. Quilts for Veterans
Derek Wang introduces a report from correspondent Tom Banse on how one woman's emotional reaction to the suicide of an Iraq War vet whom she'd never met has spurred an outpouring of quiltmaking. To date, the Vashon Island community has delivered an astonishing 1,600 handmade quilts to veterans.

3. Do You Love An Apple?
Tacoma Symphony Orchestra conductor Harvey Felder grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He speaks to Dave Beck to share what he's learned about establishing deep musical roots in a community. Classical music, he says, is like an apple — what's not to love?

4. Trauma Trauma
Social workers and emergency responders come to the rescue of people in dire situations. But working around suffering and pain can be a traumatizing experience in itself. Laura van Dernoot Lipsky spent 20 years helping people who were suffering for reasons from domestic violence to natural disasters, but it wasn't until she found herself standing on a cliff in the Caribbean that she realized just how much her work was hurting her. She speaks to Jeannie Yandel about the experience.

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