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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Dominic Black

1. A New Voice
Being in a body cast will change your priorities. Roderick Romero, lead singer of long–running Seattle band Sky Cries Mary got to discover this firsthand. He speaks to Amanda Wilde.
In August of 2001, Kevin Kling was in a life–threatening motorcycle accident, paralyzing his arm. Today, the playwright and All Things Considered Commentator reveals to Jeremy Richards how humor and storytelling can help heal trauma.

3. John McKay
Derek Wang speaks to John McKay – a former federal prosecutor – about a case he prosecuted that will be going before the U.S Supreme Court next week.

4. Crazy Prices?
How are rising gas prices affecting your lifestyle? Ross Reynolds finds out.

4. Brain Rules
According to Dr. John Medina, an office chair does nothing for your brain but a treadmill is good for it. In his new book, Brain Rules, he shares twelve cognitive tips for thriving at work, home, and school. With Megan Sukys.

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