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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Jeff Hansen

1. Sam Green
Sam Green was appointed by Governor Chris Gregoire as Washington State's first poet laureate on Dec. 17, 2007. For the next two years he'll criss–cross the state, giving readings and workshops to promote poetry. Today, Green reads two poems that provide examples of the poet's ancient civic role: giving words to mark and ritualize the crucial moments of our lives.

2. Mexican Immigration
Pundits called Bill Richardson's endorsement a big boost to Barack Obama's chances with Latino voters. But politics is only one way Mexican immigrants are changing this country. Mexican immigration with Gregory Rodriguez, a fellow at the New American Foundation.

3. Around the World
For most history buffs, study, writing and travel provide satisfying connections to the past. But for a rare few, there is a force driving them to actually live history. Robert Dempster is a Seattle based pilot long fascinated by four airplanes that took off on the shores of Lake Washington in 1924. The fleet became the first group of aircraft to circumnavigate the globe. Robert Dempster has built a replica of one of those airplanes, and he plans to fly it around the world.

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