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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Jeff Hansen

1. Playing Bach for Life
For many artists who play the cello, the pinnacle of music making is performing the solo suites of Johann Sebastian Bach. University of Puget Sound Professor Cordelia Wikarski Miedel has been playing the Bach Suites for more than 50 years. For 20 years she's been organizing an annual Bach Marathon in Seattle. The marathons feature professional, amateur and student cellists from across the state gathering to play through all six solo suites. We're at Cordelia Wikarski Miedel's home in Seattle to find out how she's had a life long love for the Bach solo cello suites.

2. A Village Away from Home, Parts 1 and 2
It's easy to lump together all Mexican immigrants. But not all Mexicans moving to the Seattle area share a common culture or even a common language. The indigenous Purepecha are one such group emerging in our midst. We start with a look at how this group of people settled here and what parts of their unique culture survived the journey north.

Some call the Purepecha's homeland in central Mexico 'the Mexican dustbowl.' Deforestation scars the mountainsides, and abandoned farm plots shrivel under the hot sun. For many, the search for work now leads North. KUOW's Liz Jones takes us on a job search from the Mexican countryside to the shores of the Duwamish.

3. Underage Drinking
Every year about 5,000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of underage drinking. Yet underage drinking is rampant. One in ten 8th graders has been binge drinking in the last two weeks. The Conversation March 25, 2008.

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