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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Jeff Hansen

1. Eavan Boland
Irish poet Eavan Boland is fascinated with what is excluded from official histories: the daily lives of individuals. Over the course of nine collections, she's written poems that assert the value of our individual lives. Eavan Boland talks with literary producer Elizabeth Austen about why she believes we cannot leave the past to the people who write the history books.

2. Mortgage Meltdown
Should the federal government bailout banks and homeowners? Hosted by Ross Reynolds.

3. Rowing Through Rough Water
The forthcoming documentary, "Rough Water: Odyssey Behind the Iron Curtain" looks back at the 1958 University of Washington Varsity Eight Rowing Crew, who became the first U.S. athletic team to compete in the Soviet Union and the first American team to win behind the Iron Curtain in a shocking upset that made headlines around the globe. Dave Beck talks with the film's director, Len O'Donnell, about Len's personal connection to the UW rowing legacy

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