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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Jeff Hansen

1. A Village Away From Home
First it was just one family. Then a dozen. Now, a village within the city quietly grows in Seattle's suburbs. Its inhabitants are indigenous Purepecha immigrants from the remote hill–towns of central Mexico. Their traditional culture is fading in parts of Mexico, but reappearing here as the Seattle area becomes a preferred destination for this group of migrants. KUOW's Liz Jones explores this new community emerging in our midst with a look at what parts of their unique culture survived the journey north.

2. The Inside Passage
This Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of one of the world's largest non–nuclear explosions. It blew apart the greatest hazard to navigation on the British Columbia coast. But the site of the explosion, between Vancouver Island and the Canadian mainland, remains one of the most treacherous parts of the Inside Passage. It's faced every day by cargo ships and ferries moving between Washington state and Alaska. John Ryan reports.

3. Favorite Intermissions
For local composer Chris DeLaurenti, the intermission at symphony performances is when his ears and his secret audio recorder really perk up. Instead of chaos, Chris hears a cellist practicing a difficult movement in an endless loop, or a flute choir fluttering to life like a cluster of rare birds. Chris has collected moments like these into a CD called Favorite Intermissions. But he didn't realize that this project would land him in a legal battle with one of the biggest forces in the music industry.

4. Gaming the Vote
William Poundstone is an American author. His most recent book is Gaming the Vote: Why Elections Aren't Fair (and What We Can Do About It).

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