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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Jeff Hansen

1. Capitol Steps Politics Takes a Holiday for April Fools, 2008

2. Purepecha Community in Seattle, Part 2
About 3,000 miles south is a place some call 'The Mexican Dustbowl'. It's an area high in the mountains of central Mexico, and home to the indigenous Purepecha people. And like the dustbowl refugees of the thirties, they leave behind a desolate land and their traditional way of life to look for work. That search leads many North, and increasingly to the Seattle area. In part two of our series on the Purepecha migrants, KUOW's Liz Jones follows this workforce from the Mexican countryside to the shores of the Duwamish.

3. Children's Psychiatric Care
Somewhere near Tacoma, a few dozen kids live in garden cottages that are locked from the outside. Most of them have tried to take their own lives or hurt others, and they've all got disabling psychiatric conditions. They live apart from their families, many of them for more than a year, in Washington's only children's psychiatric long term care center. Everything, from the basketballs and bicycles to the isolation room, is part of the treatment. So is the poetry. Today we'll tag along while children at the treatment center write poems, and we'll talk about how writing works as therapy.

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