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KUOW Presents

KUOW Presents

Jeff Hansen

1. A Village Away From Home
About 3,000 miles south of Seattle you'll find a small Mexican town called Quinceo. It's home to the indigeous Purepecha people who once rivaled the Aztecs. You've probably never heard of Quinceo. But most people there know all about Seattle: the Space Needle, the rain ... even the traffic. People in Quinceo estimate half of the town packed up and went North, mostly to the Seattle area. This trend is repeated around the indigenous villages in the Mexican sierra. KUOW's Liz Jones explores our unofficial sister cities in the rural heart of central Mexico

2. Is our tax system fair?
Hosted by Ross Reynolds.

3. Is Humor Genetic?
Is the ability to be funny learned or genetic? Maybe your sense of humor is very similar to your dad's. Perhaps you tell a good joke because your grandma could spin a good yarn. Today we unofficially explore the notion of humor and the family line. If you think you're funny: prove it to us. Tell us some jokes! Regale us with stories of the funny in your family line. The practical jokers, the comedians, the ridiculous storytellers — they're in your family! Tell us about them and how they've influenced you. Hosted by Steve Scher.

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