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Greendays Gardening Panel: Attracting Native Insects to your Yard

Steve Scher
05/06/2008 at 10:00 a.m.

Insects are vital to the health of your garden. Some pollinate. Others prey on garden nuisances. How do you attract a healthy flow of bugs to your yard? Certain native plants attract certain native insects. Today we will take a look at those plants, and learn why bugs are vital to your homemade eco–system.

Marty Wingate is a gardening columnist for the Seattle PI and author of The Big Book of Northwest Perennials and Big Ideas for Northwest Small Gardens.
Greg Rabourn is co-manager of King County Naturescaping and the Native Plant Salvage Program. He organizes volunteer efforts to rescue native plants before they are bulldozed for development. He is also a co-host on King County TV's Yard Talk.
Willi Galloway is the west coast editor of Organic Gardening and's gardening expert. She is a volunteer as King County Master Gardener and a board member at Seattle Tilth.

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