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What's Wrong With Seattle Cab Service?

Ross Reynolds
08/08/2008 at 1:00 p.m.

The Seattle City Council votes Monday on taxi cab legislation. It's supposed to improve customer service. What do you think of Seattle's cab service? Do you drive a cab? The proposed changes would make more taxi cab licenses available and require that taxis be fuel efficient by 2013. Is that what's needed? Do we need other changes?

Also, the D.J. who calls himself Girl Talk takes clips of rap and pop to create what he calls original music. iTunes cited legal worries in their decision to stop selling his last album. Art always draws from other art, but does this go too far? Where do you draw the line?


Jean Godden serves on the Seattle City Council.

Chris Van Dyk is a lobbyist for the Seattle Taxi Owners Association.

Ketty Loeb is the volunteer President of Wokai Seattle.

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