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Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Dino Rossi

Ross Reynolds
09/04/2008 at 1:00 p.m.

Republican Dino Rossi lost the governor's race four years ago by 133 votes. He joins us to talk about his re–run against Democrat Chris Gregoire.

Also today, Sarah Palin fired up the Republican National Convention last night in St. Paul. The political pundits have been explaining what it all means. Today you tell us what you thought of the speech.

And, should it be easier to raise taxes? Currently it takes a supermajority or two thirds vote. Democratic State Senator Lisa Brown has filed a lawsuit to change that. It's scheduled to go before the state supreme court on Tuesday. Should a simple majority be required to raise taxes instead of a supermajority?


Dino Rossi is a former Washington State Senator and the Republican nominee for Governor.

John Gastil is a communication professor at the University of Washington.

Democrat Lisa Brown is the Washington State Senate Majority Leader.

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