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Poetry of Modern Problems, Fisherman's Terminal, and Nut Bans

Bill O'Grady

1. Poems for What Ails Us

Elizabeth Austen presents two poems that contemplate the ills of modern society. Marie Howe's poem "Hurry" considers the innate violence of constant rushing. Kathleen Flenniken's "News Item" connects personal overconsumption with the larger state of our world.

2. The Future of Fisherman's Terminal

Marcie Sillman, guests and listeners consider the state of commercial fishing in the region and the future of Seattle's landmark Fisherman's Terminal.

3. Does Banning Nuts Work?

Nut bans are meant to protect kids with food allergies, but a Harvard professor says there's no proof they work. How do you cope with your child's food allergy, or your own?

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