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Unemployment Benefits, Japanese Confections, WA Liquor Laws and Dying Trees

Bill O'Grady

1. Tapping the Unemployment Fund
Austin Jenkins reports that majority Democrats in Olympia want to increase unemployment payments to Washington's laid–off workers using money from a well–stocked Washington unemployment fund. But business leaders are suspicious. Previously unaired.

2. Treats from Japan
Chika Togashi tells how she makes a confection called wagashi, considered an art form in her native Japan, at her shop in Phinney Ridge.

3. WA Booze Laws
Ross Reynolds, guests and listeners talk about how Washington State runs the liquor business within its borders, and about efforts to privatize liquor sales in the state, theoretically making alcohol cheaper and more accessible.

4. Western Forest Health
Steve Scher and guests consider the higher number of trees dying in undisturbed forests of western North America. Scientists suspect higher temperatures are allowing pine beetle populations to increase, and the beetles are consuming whole forests.

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