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Budget Anti-Solutions, Pawn Shop Biz, Political Segregation and Cycle Culture

Bill O'Grady

1. Solutions Not Considered

Olympia correspondent Austin Jenkins and Salem correspondent Chris Lehman look at why two taxes that would go a long way toward closing Washington and Oregon budget gaps, are off the table.

2. The Pawn Business in a Down Economy

Megan Sukys talks with pawn broker Brian Lurie about the changing realities of pawn shops, including declining values of traditional pawn items like watches and handguns.

3. Like–Minded Neighbors

Ross Reynolds talks with guests and listeners about advantages and disadvantages of Americans' increasing tendency to live in places where most residents have similar political beliefs.

4. Motorcycle Allure

Steve Scher, guests and listeners discuss the culture and mystique of the motorcycle and how it's changed over the decades.

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