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Trucker Church, Premium Knives, Affording College and Government Ethics

Bill O'Grady

1. A Church for Truckers
Correspondent Anna King visits a man in North Bend, Washington who provides big rig drivers with a place to worship while on the road.

2. Knives for the Discriminating Chef
Bob Kramer shows how he makes cutlery designed to slice like a dream, at his shop in Olympia.

3. Rising Tuition
Ross Reynolds, guests and listeners talk about the high price of a college education, why it keeps rising, and what can be done about it.

4. Ethics in Government
In the light of high–level nominees for jobs in the Obama administration being removed from consideration because of personal tax discrepancies, Steve Scher and guests look at the issue of ethical government and whether there's not enough or too much of it.

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