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More Red Tides, Red Valentine Dinner, Porn Tax and Comfort Movies

Bill O'Grady

1. Harmful Algal Blooms

Correspondent Tom Banse reports from Ocean Shores on the increasing frequency of toxic red tides in shellfish beds and how scientists are addressing the problem.

2. Natural Red Dishes

Nutritionist and cooking show host Cynthia Lair shows off her entirely red food feast for Valentine's Day, including Rosemary Red Soup, Poached Pears in Pomegranate Sauce and Cranberry Ginger Cider.

3. Adult Entertainment Tax Proposal

Ross Reynolds, guests and listeners give their opinions of a proposal to tax adult videos, phone services and paraphernalia to offset planned state welfare cuts.

4. Feel–Good Films

KUOW's Steve Scher, film reviewer Robert Horton, Fred Hopkins, host of "Professor Fred's Movie Marvels" on SCCTV, and listeners nominate their favorite movies for returning to over and over.

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