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Oregon Budget, Darwin at Alki, Housing Market and Northwest Gardening

Bill O'Grady

1. Oregon Budget Surgery

Correspondent Chris Lehman reports on Oregon lawmakers trying to decide how to cut $800 million from their state's budget. Social service advocates are warning against cutting mental health services because that could cost more in the long run.

2. Seeing through Darwin's Eyes

Jeremy Richards takes a stroll on Alki Beach with Seattle writer Lyanda Lynn Haupt to look at the life there the way Darwin might have: direct and hands–on.

3. Will Home Sales Pick Up?

Ross Reynolds talks to listeners about whether or not falling home prices in western Washington and a tax cut for first–time homebuyers might prompt them to become homeowners.

4. Start Your Garden

Steve Scher talks with gardening specialists Marty Wingate, Greg Rabourn and Willi Galloway about getting ready for the coming gardening season, and about the Northwest Flower and Garden Show starting this week.

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