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Kindle iPhone App, Latinos and the Washington Economy, and P-I vs. Times

Diana Opong

Imagine being able to hold an entire book of information in your hand ... without actually holding a book. That is now possible thanks to a new iPhone application from Amazon. The Kindle app is one of the ways freelance technology reporter Glenn Fleishman is watching technology change our lives. We'll learn all about it. Also, Friday is Hispanic/Latino Lobbying Day in Olympia. How has the economic downturn affected the Latino community? There are over 500,000 Hispanics and Latinos in Washington, how do they help to form the economy and culture of this state? We'll talk about it. Plus, As the clock ticks down on the Seattle Post–Intelligencer, we'll look at the longtime rivalry between the Seattle P–I and the Seattle Times. Has the public benefited from the competition? Or is their news coverage redundant?

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