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TV Babies and New Welfare Bureaucrats

Ross Reynolds
06/03/2009 at 1:00 p.m.

Aurora Bridge Fence

Today the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board considers an application from the Washington State Department of Transportation for a suicide prevention fence on the Aurora Bridge. A representative from WSDOT tells us about the proposal.

Mayoral Candidate Elizabeth Campbell

Magnolia resident Elizabeth Campbell tells us why she should be elected mayor of Seattle.

Bainbridge Island Sewage

The sewage leak into Bainbridge Island's Eagle Bay has been repaired, but a Bainbridge Island councilman has questions about the city's response.

New Study: TV Distracts Babies

A new University of Washington study suggests infants talk less if they're plunked down in front of the TV. But isn't that the point? Sometimes TV can be a free surrogate baby sitter. Don't stressed out parents deserve a break from needy toddlers? How do you use TV with your kids?

The New Welfare Bureaucrats

Sociologist Celeste Watkins–Hayes argues welfare bureaucracies keep caseworkers from doing the best job, because rather than focusing on the whole person, caseworkers are solely focused on paper work. Watkins–Hayes explains how the system could work better for clients and perhaps reduce costs to tax payers.


Greg Phipps is with the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Elizabeth Campbell is running for mayor of Seattle.

Bill Knobloch is a Bainbridge Island city councilman.

Dimitri Christakis is the George Adkins Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington and director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior, and Development in Seattle.

Celeste Watkins-Hayes is an assistant professor of Sociology & African American Studies at Northwestern University and author of the forthcoming book "The New Welfare Bureaucrats."

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