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The Conversation

The Future of TV, and the New 520 Bridge Plan

Ross Reynolds
12/03/2009 at 1:00 p.m.

12:00 p.m.

Domestic Partnership Benefits Begin

Washington's expanded domestic partnership law takes effect today. It gives same–sex couples and non–married elderly partners the same rights as married people, including the ability to make important medical decisions for their partners in emergency situations.

Sexual Assault on Campus

A new Justice Department report says roughly one in five women who attend college become the victim of rape or attempted rape by the time they graduate. How well do colleges and universities handle these cases?

Filibustering Health Reform and a Climate Treaty

The threat of a Senate filibuster will likely prevent the U.S. from ratifying any international climate treaty that emerges at the Copenhagen talks this month. It's also a huge obstacle to a public option in health care reform. Has the Senate filibuster always been this tough to beat? If so, how did our ancestors ever get anything done?

12:20 p.m.

The Future of Television

Once upon a time we watched television from three major TV networks. Then cable TV offered us dozens of new choices. Now, TV is coming at us from satellites, the Internet and even our cell phones. The choices are likely to expand, now that cable TV company Comcast plans to buy NBC Universal. What's all this mean to you? We'll explore the future of TV.

12:40 p.m.

The Future of the 520 Bridge

A draft plan for replacing a section of state Route 520 includes lids over the highway and a new bridge over Lake Washington. We'll get details from the Washington State Department of Transportation. Call us with your questions.


Jamie Pedersen is the Washington state representative for District 43. He sponsored a version of the domestic partnership legislation that eventually became law.

Kristen Lombardi is a staff writer at the Center for Public Integrity.

Julian E. Zelizer is professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University.

Bob Thompson is director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.

Julie Meredith is project manager for the state Route 520 program with the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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