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Special: The Capitol Steps Politics Takes a Holiday

01/01/2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Could this decade have been any longer? Do you long for escape? Then jump on your homemade helium balloon and join the "Capitol Steps" as they ring in 2010 by roasting 2009 with their annual awards ceremony!

All new categories: "Most Delicious Animal to Cause a Flu Pandemic," "Worst Reason to Be Invited for Beer at the White House," "Best Award of a Nobel Peace Prize to Someone Currently Involved in Two Wars" & "Loudest Town Hall Meeting."

And, in a stunning announcement, it's official: South Carolina has overtaken Alaska as the funniest state! "You lie!" No it's true. South Carolina clobbered the competition in the "Cannot Be Any Farther From the Appalachian Trail" category as well as the "Most Televised Place to Heckle a Sitting President."

Join Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, Nancy Pelosi, balloon boy, a random Somali pirate, Hillary Clinton and many, many more as the "Capitol Steps" bring you their hour long year in review. All this without "Jon & Kate Plus Eight!" (WHEW!)

You have every reason to look forward to 2010 — but not before we make fun of 2009 first.

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