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Down Syndrome

Steve Scher
01/29/2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Testing for Down Syndrome is getting more accurate and less dangerous all the time. The termination rate for Down Syndrome pregnancies is roughly 80 percent. Yet the number of kids born with Down Syndrome has been increasing for years. Why? Are kids with Down Syndrome less likely to be born into middle–class, well educated families? Are people with Down Syndrome more accepted in society today than they have been in the past? What are the struggles that parents of kids with Down Syndrome face? What help do they have?

Plus, Cliff Mass joins us with a weekend weather forecast.


Dr. Margaret Adams is a geneticist at Children's Hospital in Seattle.

Dr. John Neff is the Director of the Center for Children with Special Needs at Children's Hospital in Seattle.

Terri Chudzik is a working mother of two. Her one–year–old baby has Down Syndrome.

Marcella Young works at Goodwill. She is 27 years old and enjoys videos (especially those with Will Smith in them) going to the movies, and watching the Mariners. She also has Down Syndrome.

Paula McDade is the mother of Marcella Young.

Cliff Mass is a UW Atmospheric Scientist.

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