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The True Cost Of Seafood

Sarah Waller

If you buy king crab at the grocery store tonight, you might expect to pay about $20 per pound. It seems expensive. But, John Van Amerongen knows it doesn't reflect the true cost of seafood. He's spent his life in the commercial fishing industry. He spends a lot of time at Fisherman's Terminal, a harbor where the commercial fishing boats gather before heading out to sea. There's a stone monument overlooking the harbor. It's almost three stories tall, and perched on top is a bronze sculpture of a fisherman pulling a halibut out of the water. At the bottom of the monument, there are plaques baring 695 names of local men and woman who have gone off to sea and never returned. It's called the Seattle Fishermen's Memorial. KUOW's Sarah Waller went to visit the memorial and talk with John Van Amerongen about the human cost of bringing seafood from the ocean to your dinner table.

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