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Lions, Wolves And Bears - How Many Carnivores Fit In The Region?

Steve Scher
04/26/2010 at 9:00 a.m.

Spring is here! Bears are waking up hungry around Western Washington. Some might be leaving dens that were in the forest when they went to sleep. They might be waking up on the edge of a subdivision. Mountain lions will be out hunting. Wolves, coyotes and bobcats will all be on the prowl for food. That could mean a dog food bowl or a llama in the backyard. How many carnivores can we accommodate in our burgeoning exurbs? How can people learn to co–exist with the predators that once ruled this area, and still think they do? A survey of the populations, a discussion of best practices and the prognosis for the carnivores around us, this hour on "Weekday."


Chris Morgan is a bear biologist with the Grizzly Bear Outreach Project.

Rich Beausoleil is a bear and cougar specialist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Scott Fitkin is an Okanogan District wildlife biologist and wolf specialist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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